i'm fragile in your midst

now who needs me??

After ignoring my value now you’re letting me feel I am important, well I am very sorry, too late to chase me. I am better off without you. I can achieve my dreams without the help of you. 

cannot be happy but can be unhappy

that’s what people around you let you feel, it’s like you have no right to be happy, and everything favors them, which is wrong at all. I fight for this, cause I’ve been a victim since i deal with fake faces, they don’t care they don’t consider, cause they’re selfish monsters. 

When I was a kid I used to think that people around me were real. My parents said be friendly, smile, for you to be able to get friends, and that’s what I did. Should I blame them for believing their words? I think not, cause I think my parents were just like me, I trust the most.

As I grow up and as I meet the real world, I said to myself that I have to be firm and never let people around you bury you to your own grave, you can be happy but not with them, maybe with someone who deserves your smiles and trusts. 

Keeping my head up high, that’s what I am doing right now, moving away from those things that keep me sad and unhappy. I think that’s what all of us must do, for us to achieve our happiness and contentment in life.

delayed feeling of pain

hindi ako magaling sa paglimot, bawat nangyayari ngayon bakit tila kakabit pa rin ng kahapong nangyaring kay sakit, bakit ngayon ako ang nagsisisi, ako ang nasasaktan?hindi ko kaya ang ganitong damdamin, mabigat, masakit gusto kong takasan, ngunit paano?

ngayon, puno ako ng hinala, puno ng negatibong bagay sa isip, di ko alam kung tama ba ang ginagawa ko, pero may posibilidad din namang tama ang lahat, dahil kilala ko sya sa mga ganong bagay, sobra akong naguguluhan.

mali ba ang nagawa kong desisyon?bakit ngayon lang ako nakakaramdam ng masmatinding sakit?bakit ngayon lang ako nagkakaganito?